A consistent advisor is what makes a company to step up

I have been working over the years as advisor with many business willing to have a both legal and management orientation. 

Below you can find some of the main projects I have been working for.

Legal Manager 2021-2022
AIRILegal - Legal help for scientific researcher

AIRILegal provides to AIRIcerca associates all over the world legal guidance and first legal informations on issues concerning relating to copyright and criminal law.

Founder & Project Manager 2010-2021
Subcava Sonora - Music Label & Events
Subcava Sonora

Subcava Sonora has been the first Italian music label to release music with Creative Commons licenses.
Over the years Subcava Sonora has released 6 long playing album and it has organized over 100 hundred music events.
I have been representing Subcava Sonora as well in as speaker in many public national event promoting the use of Creative Commons licence.

Advisor 2018
Volumeet - Social Network

Volumeet allows performers, record labels, festivals to offer exclusive and unpublished content to their fans, thanks to an innovative fan base management platform. A brand new way to get closer to their most valuable fans.

Legal and Business Advisor 2017-2018
Patamu - Proof of autorship company

Patamu generates a proof of authorship for any creative work, allowing to protect one's creativity and publish or share works safely.

I have been representing Patamu over many conference on copyright, advising the company during the H-Farm accelerator program and managing the copyright legal questions from the over 20.000 subscribers of the website

Communication Advisor 2018
Karmacore - Cafè & Bistrot

Karmacore is a café bistrot based in Napoli city centre since December 2018

My work has been focused on creating and launch the brand identity  and take care of:

• SWOT analysis to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the whole project;
• Idea and content creations of graphics and video to support the launch and the social media engagement;
• Conception, planning and execution of advertising and promotion campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords;
• Drafting of the six-monthly final report;

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