Every professional is different from another.

What makes him special is the unique path he walks everyday during his journey.

This is mine.

May 2010
Subcava Sonora foundation

In 2010 I founded SUBCAVA SONORA, the first music label entirely based on Creative Commons contents creation.

From music release to video productions, we embraced the theory of a different vision of copyright, more connected to a globalized and fast world.  I was 25 at that time!

Nov 2012 My graduation
Master Degree in Law

After few years of working and studying, I got to graduate at Law in the most ancient University in Europe.
My graduation thesis was entitled "Constitutional principles in Environmental Law". The picture above has been taken on my graduation day, I was 28 at that time!

Jan 2014 When I left to Uk to challenge myself
Rock'n'Bowl hostel
Alfredo Esposito - Rock'n'Bowl Hostel

It's quite unusual for someone that want be lawyer to find himself working in Hostel! The truth is that I needed to prove my skills in an international environment and running a 160 beds hostel was the perfect option!
Managing the 'Rock'n'Bowl' in Bristol gave me the extra skills that school didn't provide and in the end I had the chance to work for 3 years in one of the most hectic city in the world!

Jan 2017 Back to Italy to start seeding again
Patamu, H-Farm and Law Practice (again)
Alfredo Esposito - H-Farm

Back to Italy, I started the law practice again and in the meantime I worked as legal advisor for Patamu, one of the major startup in the field of Intellectual Property. I had the chance to partecipate as their advisor during the Marco Polo Accelerator program at H-Farm.

Jan 2018 A good worker needs to know how to relate with others
Subcava Sonora events

During the law practice, I have been working as well to make Subcava Sonora one of the most recognized music event organizations in Napoli.
With the help of a great team, we managed to set many festival and events in stunning locations with many international artists.
We eventually had to stop for Covid  reasons in 2021

May 2020 Inner Talks, a good way to get to know my fellow citizen working abroad
Inner Talks
Inner Talks

In a forced lockdown due to the spread of Covid-19, I engaged my self in running "Inner Talks", a video format creation content to interview Italian professionals abroad.
I managed to live stream 8 interviews amongst China, Brasil, Dubai, Russia, Uk, Usa, they are all available on Youtube!

June 2021 Eventually a firm that I can call home
'Difesa d'Autore' Law Firm

After passing the bar exam, I finally got to open my law firm call "Difesa d'Autore", that could be translated in "Auteur defense". 
I liked the idea of merging a tailored legal defense with my experience with authors and content creators.
Currently my law firm is partnered with AIRIcerca, the association of italian researcher living abroad, and offers trial assistance in criminal and copyright law as well as business advise for mid-size companies.

Feb 2022 An incredible and unexepcted international award!
Emergent IP Player Award - The IPR Gorilla
It was a true honor to have been awarded as Emerging IP player at The Conference IPR Gorilla 2022.
The whole conference has been a great occasion for meeting professionals, lawyers and entrepreneurs from all over the world and it has been incredible to receive such a significant award!
I am really grateful to have had the chance to discuss the solution for Key issues and challenges faced by IP, AI, Blockchain and NFT professionals in the present time.

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