May 2010
Revolutionizing Copyright at 25 : The Birth of Subcava Sonora

At 25, I co-founded Subcava Sonora and innovated the indipendent music industry with our Creative Commons licensed content. 

We were ahead of our time, paving the way for a new approach to copyright in a globalized world. 

Our innovative approach was next to other companies and lawyers hard work in breaking the monopoly of the music industry and creating a more fair and open system for artists. 

From law student to music industry trailblazer, we proved that age is just a number and that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.


Nov 2012
My Master's in Law at Europe's Oldest University

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer, but my journey to graduation was anything but easy.

While my fellow students were able to focus solely on their studies, I had to work to make ends meet. But I never let that hold me back.

Even when I faced a crisis and thought about giving up, I persevered and eventually graduated with a Master's Degree in Law from the Università Federico II di Napoli at 28.

Along the way, I published a thesis on "Constitutional principles in Environmental Law" and proved that hard work and determination can overcome any obstacle.

The picture above was taken on my proud graduation day, the culmination of years of dedication and effort.

Jan 2014
Stepping Out of Comfort: From Law to Management to Law Again
Alfredo Esposito - Rock'n'Bowl Hostel

Leaving my comfort zone and moving to a new country was a daunting prospect, but I knew it was a necessary step in my journey. 

I started at the bottom, working in a hostel and honing my management skills in an international environment. 

But I never let that hold me back. I worked hard, learned English and Spanish, and gained valuable business management experience. 

Managing a diverse, multi-cultural staff in a fast-paced environment was a challenge, but it helped me grow both personally and professionally. 

Jn fact, thanks to my hard work and dedication, the hostel I ran saw a significant increase in revenue and business perspective. 

It was a challenging journey, but it taught me the value of determination and hard work, and ultimately led me to where I am today

Jan 2017
Returning to Italy: A New Chapter in Legal Advising with Patamu
Alfredo Esposito - H-Farm

After returning to Italy, I restarted my law practice and took on a role as legal advisor for Patamu, a leading startup in the field of intellectual property. 

Working with them was a fantastic opportunity, and I even had the chance to participate as an advisor in the Marco Polo Accelerator program at H-Farm. 

Patamu is known for its innovative approach to intellectual property and its commitment to helping businesses and individuals protect their ideas and creations. 

During my time with Patamu, I also had the opportunity to speak at conferences and give presentations, where I was well-received and highly regarded for my expertise and insights.

Jan 2018
Subcava Sonora: From Local to Global Music Event Success in Napoli

As I continued my law practice, I also worked to turn Subcava Sonora into one of the most well-known music event organizations in Napoli. With the help of a fantastic team, we put on countless festivals and events in beautiful locations featuring international artists. Our events drew thousands of attendees and played a major role in the vibrant event scene of one of the world's most lively cities. Unfortunately, we had to halt operations in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic, but it was an incredible journey while it lasted.

May 2019
From Legal Assistant to Internet Rights Specialist
Avvocato Alfredo Esposito

On May 7th 2019, I began my journey as a legal assistant in a criminal law firm founded by a seasoned judge with over 35 years of experience. 

As a legal assistant, my days were filled with researching case law, drafting legal documents, and assisting in trial preparation. 

But the most valuable part of my experience was the chance to work on high court cases and face the challenges and pressures that come with them. It was a psychological gym that tested my skills and prepared me for the demands of being a solo practitioner. 

My ultimate goal was to specialize in internet and digital legal matters, and I knew that gaining experience in criminal law was essential to rounding out my knowledge and skills. 

After almost 3 years, I was ready to take on the world as a confident and effective legal professional specializing in internet and digital legal issues.

May 2020
Connecting the World, One Interview at a Time: Inner Talks
Inner Talks

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I had the idea to create "Inner Talks," a video format featuring interviews with Italian professionals living abroad.

With determination and hard work, I was able to bring my vision to life by successfully live streaming 8 interviews in countries like China, Brazil, Dubai, Russia, the UK, and the US. 

These interviews are now available on Youtube for everyone to watch. I

t was an incredible experience to connect with and involve professionals from around the globe, and I'm proud to have made it happen through Inner Talks

June 2021
From law student to Building a Difference: my law firm

After years of hard work and dedication, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a lawyer and opening my own law firm.

 "Difesa d'Autore," or "Auteur defense," was the perfect way to combine my passion for tailored legal defense with my experience working with authors and content creators. 

In addition to specializing in these areas, my firm also offers trial assistance in criminal and copyright law as well as business advice for mid-size companies. 

I am honored to be partnered with AIRIcerca, the association of Italian researchers living abroad, and to be able to use my skills to help others navigate the complex world of law

Feb 2022
Emergent IP Player Award - The IPR Gorilla

Being recognized as an Emergent IP Player at such a prestigious conference was a highlight of my career. 

It was a chance to connect with some of the brightest minds in the industry and share ideas and insights on some of the most pressing issues facing IP professionals today. The conference itself was an amazing experience, with so many opportunities to learn and grow. 

I was able to attend seminars and workshops led by industry experts, and I even had the chance to give a presentation of my own on the importance of IP protection in the digital age. 

But the real highlight of the conference for me was being recognized with the Emergent IP Player Award. 

It was a moment I will never forget, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event.