Consultancy services

Alfredo Esposito has an international background and he helps business owners and entrepreneurs providing a taylored strategic business consultancy to generate an efficient growth.

Alfredo Esposito provides:

  • on line and off line business growth consultancy;
  • international legal services in Italy and Europe;
  • business advices on web reputation issues;
  • advices on press releases and press relationship management;
  • social media comments advice management;
  • education courses on Internet and Laws;
  • public speaking company services;

Over the time he provided his consultancy services to

  • construction companies;
  • real estate companies;
  • import export companies;
  • tech startup;
  • e-commerce companies;
  • digital companies;
  • media companies;
  • sole entrepreneurs;

You may book a free of charge 15 minutes overview call to have a first one-to-one meeting with Alfredo Esposito at your most convenient time.