Graduation Day

On these days, 10 years ago on my graduation day, something incredible happened to me. ⁣

On a very cloudy autumn day of 2012 I walked through the aisle of the most ancient university in Europe, I sat down on the chair and spoke a few, trembling words.⁣⁣

After a bunch of minutes I found myself shaking hands with the person sitting in front of me, standing up and, all of a sudden, I was graduated in law!⁣⁣

Someone says that you know time is going by when you look at yourself 10 years before, and you see and accomplishment of something you once considered impossible⁣.⁣
I say that you know that time is passing when you miss the people who are not longer with you to celebrate.⁣⁣

Who knows what will be my next exciting accomplishment to celebrate, let’s just hope I get the chance to do it surrounded by all the people I love, including those who kept reading until the very end of this post.